Thursday, October, 21, 2021 01:21:47
  • Bitnami founders approved the proposed acquisition after discovering that the company would have to raise more venture capital in order to keep growing.
  • Acquiring Bitnami provides a significant boost to VMware’s ongoing multi-cloud strategy pursuit.

VMware, Inc., (VMware), a renowned publicly traded software virtualization firm, has reportedly announced that it is acquiring Bitnami, a rapidly growing, profitable & globally distributed software startup.

Reports cite, the acquisition is expected to facilitate a significant boost to VMware’s ongoing pursuit of bringing its multi-cloud strategy into effect. The acquisition was approved by Bitnami founders after it was discovered that the startup would be required to raise more venture capital cash to continue growing.

According to a press release by VMware, the company is increasingly enabling its customers for a multi-cloud world through three primary vectors; globally providing VMware Cloud Foundation as a product & service, allowing adoption of native cloud services while helping with security, management & operations on a large-scale through CloudHealth and facilitating Kubernetes capabilities across infrastructure framework to build new & modernize existing cloud-native applications with relative ease.

Bitnami founders, Erica Brescia & Daniel Lopez stated that they had bootstrapped the business as they had raised just $1.1 million through a handful of angels and from Y Combinator, when the business was already profitable. Erica & Daniel further added that they realized, had they decided to continue growing, they would have had to raise more money, as constructing a salesforce is quite difficult when the company is bootstrapped, which ultimately led them to approve the acquisition.

The Executive Vice President, Strategy & Corporate Development at VMware, Shekar Ayyar stated that the Bitnami packaged application catalogue allows developers to rapidly deploy closed & open source software with ease on their servers or to leading cloud providers across the globe.

According to reports, the financial terms pertaining to the proposed acquisition deal have not been unveiled yet.

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