Thursday, October, 21, 2021 12:57:13

Locations-based services provider TomTom and software giant Microsoft have recently announced that the companies have expanded their partnership to bring the maps and traffic data of TomTom into a range of mapping scenarios across the cloud services of Microsoft.

Citing reliable sources, this enhanced integration between services of the two companies will make TomTom a leading location data provider for Microsoft Bing and Azure Maps. Also, TomTom has selected Microsoft Azure as its preferred cloud service provider, further extending its relationship with the global software firm.

According to the sources, Azure Maps enhances the value of Microsoft Azure cloud services by delivering secured location APIs for providing geospatial context to data, helping developers and enterprises create mobility, logistics, asset tracking and related IoT solutions. Map data and services of TomTom would be a vital component for fulfilling these scenarios of enterprise customers.

Managing Director for TomTom Enterprise, Anders Truelsen said that the company has partnered with Microsoft to offer customers of Azure access to build applications which are location-aware. TomTom has been selected as the location data provider for powering mapping services across Microsoft’s offerings, such as Cortana, Bing and Windows, among several other leading innovations and products, Truelsen confirmed.

Sources mentioned that the combination of Azure Maps services and SDKS with the freshest traffic and map information from TomTom would help in propagating improved smart city applications. Using TomTom services, Azure Maps SDKs would apparently simplify the rendering of a host of data sets obtained from numerous sources, including street-specific traffic, real time parking meter rates, reducing noise pollution and addressing carbon footprint.

Powered by TomTom, deploying the routing services from Azure Maps will enable insightful distribution of goods that originate from farmlands to restaurants, retailers and home delivery services, sources added. Supposedly, the freshest maps and traffic data can help in determining the range of delivery, provide customer insights into the status of deliveries and also assist in optimizing the delivery routes.