Thursday, October, 21, 2021 12:59:45

The new app will keep a track of a user’s activity and relay the information to Facebook

Facebook has recently launched an app that will pay its user to share information regarding the apps they are using.

Reportedly, two similar apps had been rolled out by the company before, ones that kept a record of the activities people did on the phone. However, the apps drew major criticism for violating the guidelines under Apple’s app store and infringing on privacy.

According to Facebook, ‘Study’, the new app, is different compared to the first two and has been built from scratch. The company will work to expand the availability of the app in the future to iOS, but for now it is available only on Google Play Store.

Sources informed that Study will keep a track and collect information about the kind of apps people use and the time duration of its usage, including commonly used app features. This will help Facebook gain valuable insights into the way the services of its competitors are used.

Facebook also assured its users that it will not track account IDs or passwords, but it will regularly remind its users that their data is being collected by the app.

Research, a market research app earlier introduced by Facebook, was severely criticized earlier this year following a report that said teenagers were using it and it had been bypassing the guidelines listed by Apple. The app was then removed from the Apple store and eventually, Facebook shut it down.

Sources mentioned that a virtual private network service, called the Onavo Protect, kept information private under public setting, but it got shut down because it was allegedly collecting information and directing them to Facebook.

Chief scientist of the cyber security firm Ntrepid, Lance Cottrell, commented that Facebook is more upfront and less intrusive this time, though some privacy experts are concerned about the users having little idea of the kind of information being sent out. Seemingly, Facebook has not disclosed the amount the participants shall get to share information.

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