Monday, September, 27, 2021 04:06:25

The company expects Bi-Polar technology to become a game changer and result in a new generation of power and energy solutions

EnerSys, a worldwide leader in stored energy solutions for industrial applications, has recently unveiled its plans for expanding its Thin Plate Pure Lead capacity in the next three years with more than $100 million in additional capital spending and anticipates a 15% rise from consistent focus on Lean principles.

Sources close to the matter informed that the company believes these two efforts would increase TPPL capacity by more than $500 million annually. Along with this, the company also plans to continue efforts for commercialization of the GreenSeal® Bi-Polar battery technology, which is licensed from Advanced Battery Concepts, LLC.

According to Chief Technology Officer of EnerSys, Joern Tinnemeyer, EnerSys has worked with ABC for more than two years and this technology has continued to grow and mature. GreenSeal® technology is serving its promise to lessen lead content over traditional batteries, increase cycle life, reduce recharge time, improve battery performance, increase power density, improve reliability, and reduce weight, he said.

Apparently, the company expects Bi-Polar could be a game changer and result in a new generation of power and energy solutions. This technology is compatible with many EnerSys applications and will expect to be less capital intensive as compared to traditional lead acid battery manufacturing processes.

Tinnemeyer further added that GreenSeal® technology and next generation TPPL provides great promise for the continued viability and relevance for lead acid batteries. No other technology can combine superior lead acid battery performance and manufacturability as it has been observed in GreenSeal® batteries.

GreenSeal® technology will leverage several parts of the current TPPL expertise, plant & equipment, and supply chain.  The company expects that it could become a leading technology of the industry, Tinnemeyer added.

For the uninitiated, EnerSys is a USA based manufacturer of batteries used in various applications including reserve power, defense, and aerospace, with headquarters in Reading, PA, U.S.


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