Thursday, October, 21, 2021 02:02:18

Huawei will help bolster the postal industry in China due its advanced technology in the ITC sector

Technology major Huawei and China Post Group Corporation have officially agreed upon a strategic partnership recently, in a clear attempt to transform the country’s postal sector with the help of Information and Communications technology (ICT).

A state owned enterprise, China Post Group is involved in business domains ranging from mails, both domestic and international, along with logistics delivery, financial services and postal remittances. According to analysts, Huawei will bolster the postal industry in China owing to its developed technology in the sector of Information and communications technology.

Referring to information on China Post’s website, the comprehensive cooperation will prioritize cloud computing, big data, smart parks and logistics in the process of digitally transforming the postal segment.

An IT industry analyst from Beijing, Xin Haiguang mentioned that logistics being a standard ITC application scenario where Huawei is an unmistakable leader. He believes the strategic cooperative partnership between China Post and Huawei is natural.

The partnership was declared following a probe which FedEx faced concerning the misplacements of Huawei parcels, filed by State Probe Bureau of China. Xin commented that the partnership was probably a reaction to FedEx’s wrongdoing.

Xin further remarked on the subtlety of the timing of the announcement, owing to the fact that the agreement was impossible to achieve in a short span of time and was possibly being planned for long time. Gaojishaonv, a weibo user trusts that Huawei need not worry about parcel robberies or diversions anymore.

FedEx recently said it values its business in China and made statements regarding the relationship it has with Huawei and concerns about the misconduct. The company further proceeded to promise its full cooperation with regulatory investigations. However, it has failed to provide any solid information which has resulted in the loss of the company’s credibility amongst the Chinese customers.

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