Thursday, October, 21, 2021 12:12:55

U.S. tech giant, Apple Inc., in a bid to better support women, has recently launched a new development program (deemed entrepreneur camp) designed to tackle the industry’s scarcity of women in executive and computer programming jobs.

As per sources, Apple’s free two-week entrepreneur camp will give female business founders the opportunity to receive dedicated assistance from Apple’s coding engineers, as well as sessions on current technology, design and App Store marketing to help app teams reduce overall development time.

According to CBC, the camps will be held every three months starting January, and for each round the company will accept around 20 app firms led by a woman. To qualify, the app firm should have at least one women programmer in its ranks. Apple will be covering travel expenses of  three workers from the firms that qualify.

Sources cite that the entrepreneur camp could be an opportunity for companies that are currently Android-dedicated to learn more about Apple’s network and get support directly from the tech giant. For Apple, it’s an opportunity to increase both the quantity and quality of apps in its store.

Esther Hare, Senior Director of Worldwide Developer Marketing at Apple, said that the company aims to focus on women who already own an app-driven business and hopes to support irrespective of whether they own an iOS app or not.

Reportedly, Apple has conducted similar workshops in the past, but this would be the first one that focuses on women-founded companies, said Hare. The program is designed with all understated minorities in mind, particularly with regards to women, she added.

For the record, global tech giant, Google also offers training for women pursuing careers in tech firms, however its program has reportedly failed to diversify the workforce so far. Citing its dedication towards women development, Google claims that nearly 25% of its technology jobs in 2017 were possessed by women, up from nearly 21% in 2014.