Thursday, October, 21, 2021 12:07:57

Apple apparently has revoked Facebook’s access to its Enterprise Developer Program

Facebook seems to have become embroiled in another privacy practices conflict when recently the tech giant, Apple, accused the social media platform of surreptitiously distributing a data-collection app to its consumers and breaking rules put down by Apple.

In response to this breach of agreement, Apple has reportedly cut off Facebook from being able to offer the tool and test unreleased versions of apps. Sources close to the matter opine that this is a rare move undertaken by any Silicon Valley establishment against its peers.

Reportedly, the dispute has its roots in the Facebook’s act of offering users, some of who were as young as 13, $20 per month, to install an app in their phones to collect intimate information about their online behavior and communications. The move was supposed to give a competitive edge to Facebook. To reach consumer devices, Facebook used the Apple program that was specially made available to companies for use among their own employees for app creation and were allowed to offer the test version of apps to users without prior review from Apple.

According to reports by the Washington Post, Apple said that the Enterprise Developer Program was solely designed internal distribution of apps, but Facebook has used it to distribute a data-collecting app among its members which is clearly a breach of agreement as far as Apple is concerned.

Sources close to the matter said that as a response to the breach, Apple has prohibited Facebook from accessing this app beta testing feature.

Facebook has been reported to say that the data collecting app did not breach user privacy as it was not a secret. The social networking giant is of the opinion that people who signed up to participate were made aware of the nature of the app before they took part in the paid participation. The company also declared that less that 5% of the participants were teenagers and they had to submit signed parental consent forms before they were allowed to take part.

Remarkably, the Apple-Facebook impasse occurred just hours before Facebook revealed its Q42018 revenues which surpassed $16.9 billion.