Thursday, October, 21, 2021 01:36:48

Renowned Silicon-Valley based question-and-answer website, Quora has reportedly announced that hackers have maliciously gained access to the personal information of over a 100 million of the website’s users.

Reports cite, the company discovered the breach on the Friday of the previous week. Apparently, one of the company’s systems was hacked by a malicious & unauthorized third party, compromising user information such as email addresses, usernames, encrypted passwords and data from social networks like Twitter & Facebook that users had connected to their Quora accounts.

According to a blog post published by Quora, the company is conducting an investigation into the matter to ascertain the precise cause of the breach. Moreover, apart from the work being done by the Quora’s internal security teams, the company has also enlisted help from a leading digital forensics and security company to help Quora pinpoint the source of the problem. The company has also briefed law enforcement officials on the incident.

The company also reportedly discovered that the hackers gained access to the users’ activity details such as the questions and answers posted by them along with the content upvoted and downvoted. However, the anonymous questions and answers posted by users were not affected as the company does not maintain a record of the identities of users who post content anonymously.

The CEO of Quora, Adam D’Angelo stated that a majority of the content that was compromised was already published publicly on the website, however, the breach of the users’ account as well as their private information is a serious matter. D’Angelo further added that the security team has identified the primary cause of the breach and has already taken corrective measures to mitigate the issue. The company is conducting further investigations and will make security improvements whenever needed.

Reportedly, the website’s data breach is one of the latest incidents in a string of high-profile hackings. Quora is now reportedly notifying users affected by the breach and is also logging them off their respective Quora accounts.